who we are

Service and R&D Company specialized to support system integrator service companies and software vendors dedicated to deliver best of breed BPM, ECM and ERP solutions to their customers.

what we do

Managed services for system integrator companies to transform its portfolio of services and products, develop and maintain new operations, managing crisis at ongoing projects, structuring appropriate sales process, and service/solution portfolio as an answer to R/RFP in phase of preparation of R/RFP.

how we do it

Managed services for system integrator companies we contract on turn key basis preferably, or on time material basis depend on our customers needs. Through our service we deliver knowledge and solutions. Knowledge is delivered by structure, methodology and content of our services and solutions.

Our R&D effort results in enhancement of methodology and development of software solution to enhance organizational agility through agility of business processes. Proper selection and optimization of business processes and deployment of IT support of those processes is the key to success.

Expertise we have allows us to connect best of breed IT solutions, and our first major product is MOLA MOLA IDA.